Customize Columns ?


I'm a new user to Mp3tag and am using 2.36a. So far I really like what I'm finding and will undoubtedly continue to use the program.

BUT, I do have a problem.

I have managed to add some columns for which you had the codes listed in your help files. However, I am trying to add 2 totally new types of columns. One which uses @ to tell me that I have confirmed all of the info in that record to ensure its accuracy. The other uses VA to let me know that this particular file comes from a compilation of Various Artists. (In this way I leave the Artist column free for the actual artist. This is where I have run into a brick wall.

View- Customize Columns

Name: VA
VAlue: %fieldname%
Sort by:

According to the instructions you need to have a placeholder in the Field slot but no matter what I try, when I enter the VA later it disappears as soon as I hit . What am I doing wrong? I have tried to explain this fully but if I only ended up in confusing the issue please let me know.

I should also explain that I was a tech for many years and working with this kind of stuff use to be very intuitive for me. The effects of a stroke have seriously changed that and sometimes the simplest thing end up looking like Latin to me. So please make any explanations detailed and very clear.



Value should not be the literal string "%fieldname%", but the name of the field you want to have displayed (like "%artist%" or "%my_custom_field%"). If you also want to edit this field from the list view, add the same field under "Field". For example:

Name: VA
Value: %various_artists%
Field: %various_artists%
Sort by:


:blush: :whistling:

My bad...well I did say I couldn't see what was right in front of my face didn't I.

Anyway, it works like a charm now.

Thanks a bunch.