Customize output of total length to h m without seconds

Is there a way to change the format of the duration of the album, that is, from this format "02:32:39" to this format "02h 32m 39s" ?

Then remove the second value and remove the zero before the number to convert the result into this format : "2h 32m"

And that it does not display the seconds and only displays the hours and minutes like this "02h 32m"

And is there a way to remove the zero before the number so that the output is more readable? like this : "2h 32m"

Looks like this will need to be a calculated display using the scripting functions and the existing %_length% or %_length_seconds% information fields.

What should happen to albums that are shorter than an hour?
Then the place for "hour" would be reduced to just "h" and the seconds removed, so you see just "45m"?

as a prototype to play with:
$regexp($regexp(00:10:30,(.*?):(.*):.*,$1h $2m),0(\d),$1)
leads to 0h 10m