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as described in the topic, theres no such tool anywhere that can cut whole structures.

as i like to release some of my favourites trakcs on my homepage without pointing any law-restriction... i like to cut some .ogg to 30 seconds. it should start at position 30 second fade in 5 seconds, fade out 5 seconds....

i can do that by reenter my cd into any ripper software that matches my needs... just like Exact Audio Copy, or maybe another one... i can even recode the whole thing cut it then... i might cut it with any of the 4 available software PER TRACK... but getting different shit... vcut doesnt work 100% with GT3b1 tuned ones... mp3cutter works with existing cue sheets only.... theres another gui for vcut....and yet another russion one... i come on 4 tools that can cut just ONE track. some of them destory my existing tag, as they write in some personal infos bout their soft.

why not to write that into mp3tag ?

mp3tag has the ability to batch, and it even DOES work on every format that is actually used by audio community. it knows how to handle the difference between audio and tag... there must be just a few steps to cut would make mp3tag even a lot better then other programs... more then it is even now.

for tagging mp3 aren't that much stable programs on the market, too...

one russian i found today... and mp3bookhelper from sourceforge... mp3tag...and there was another one...

there are a lot out there...claiming a profession that is near to mp3tag... but they aren't ....buggy things getting filename to tags... dividing id3v2 from ogg comments.... differ between Title and Track , Year and Date.... what is really used by ogg comments...

is that possible to get some audio editing functions to mp3 tag ?



No - playing and editing of audio files is not planned.

But I think that Case's foo_oggpreview for foobar2000 already matches your needs. It takes a whole album and creates one preview file with configurable length and fade-in/fade-out.

~ Florian


i used to take QCD for my playing needs. ill check your tip tomorrow. otherwise i'll contact the guys from mp3bookhelper, still i think these functions even go fine with each other

(und ich hab erst nach posting entdeckt, dass das komplette forum hauptsächlich auf deutsch geführt wird)

so long