Cut & paste image no longer works in 3.02

I used to be able to got to a website, for example, copy an image (Ctrl-C) and then paste the image in mp3tag. Now, paste is greyed out and I can no longer do that.

I have no problems d&d-ing e.g. the MP3tag logo into a file.
So what has changed in the meantime on your machine?
And then describe a little more:
what type of file is the cover file?
What type of file is the target file?
Which id owns the target file?
Under which id has MP3tag been installed?

Machine's the same. Files are .jpg from various sources. I just reverted to version 3.00 and paste works normally. Something changed between 3.00 and 3.02. I go to Internet source, right-click and then click on "Copy Image" which puts it in clipboard. When I use version 3.02 "paste is greyed out" when I try to paste an image by right clicking in the image area.. I reverted to 3.00 and paste is there and works

With version 3.02, I just tried the following:
Right-click on the MP3tag-logo in the top left corner of this page,
selected "Copy graphic"
Went to MP3tag and the tag panel, moved the cursor to the empty square for the embedded picture and right-clicked there to see the function "Insert cover from clipboard" - AOK, I would say.
I assume it is something local: either the picture type does not match (no jpg or png), the access rights are not what they should be, the file type does not accept pictures. Something like this.

Here's my test. I went to and right-clicked on a record's photo. I selected copy image. Using version 3.02 of mp3tag I selected a file. I right-clicked in the image box and the Paste cover is greyed out. I opened 3.00 on the same machine, selected a file, right-clicked on the image box and Paste Cover was available and worked. Don't know what else I can add.

You could answer the other questions.
I just tried it on that page with a Sandy Shaw cover and it worked perfectly.
Don't know how I should help you as I cannot look over your shoulder.
Answers to these questions would clarify it a little.

Target file is an .mp3 file. My ID owns the target file and is also the ID used for installation of mp3tag.

Then I still cannot reproduce it.

I went to your site and downloaded a fresh install file for 3.02, installed it, and now everything is working. Either I had a bad download or some glitch occurred during the previous installation. Thank you for your help.

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