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First off i gotta say this program rocks. And it appears that the community of people here are quite helpful, thats why i'm here to request some assistance. I'm loving the exporting in html, in particular, dano's albumlist_is_ex one. I don't know how to write in html at all, otherwise i'd figure it out myself, but is there anyway to use the previously mentioned export and reformat it so that it looks something like this

Genre (total albums/artists or some other related info)

Artists (some related info like total # of albums or something)

 > Albums
    > Tracks (with corresponding track info) 

with each of the > being a drill down option to expand to more info. Like i said if i knew how to do this i'd do it myself, but i'm clueless when it comes to html language or any other programming language. Thanks in advance for any help!!! If anyone has any questions about what i mean let me know and i'll try and be more specific



Here's what I could do..

dano_genrelist_js_ex.zip (1.9 KB)

Ordername für Exportliste übernehmen?

First off, thanks for the quick work Dano, something like that would have taken me forever (on account of having to learn how to write that code) You are very close in what i was looking for, Is there a way to just do a simple display with each genre listed once, and then under each genre a list of all the artists, and then under each artist the albums . . .

Indie Rock
---A.C. Newman (artist)
------A slow Wonder (album)

---Matt Pond PA (artist)
------Several Arrows Later (album)

---Fiona Apple
------When The Pawn

with each of the lines being expandable with the underlying information so i can do a quick view of all artists under each genre and then expand the individual artists to see their albums and tracklists? Something like that? If its too much of a pain in the butt then don't worry about it, but i'd appreciate it if it isn't too much trouble!!!!!



I thought that's what it does. Can you elaborate the difference?


nope, when i ran it, for each artist and album, they were first listed by their genre. so unexpanded it looked like this

Indie Rock



Indie Rock

with a genre for each individual artist/album. so if there were multiple albums from the same artist there would be 3 of the same genre's in a row for each album of that artist. Also sometimes clicking the links didn't work instead opening other lines above it. Here is my html file.

I was hoping to have each genre listed once on the initial screne so it would only start out with something like 10-20 lines of genre's. then have that expandable to show the artists in that genre listed once regardless of how many albums there were, and the click on that artist to see the albums and click on the albums to see the tracks. Is that more specific? Cause i feel like i might not be being clear. I also get some box when i run the export telling me that files were exported to such and such a place and i have to ctrl-alt-del to end the program. Hopefully this helps. i can upload a screen shot of the error screen if that would be helpful. I am running 2.34a

My_Music_GenreList_js_ex.zip (163 KB)


When you export the file, be sure you have the 2 checkboxes in the export window UNCHECKED.
Your file was not correctly exported.


EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t: Thank you so much Dano, I didn't realize that those checkboxes had anything to do with the problem. You rock!!!!!!!! This is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks again!



Dano, everything is working wonderfully. I have one question though. Is their some limiting factor to the ammount of albums being displayed? I have an artist (Dave Matthews Band) that has 21 albums according to your count (its actually 15 but some are double albums that are seperated into disc 1 and disc 2 folders which gets it to 21) but when i click on the Dave Matthews Band to see the albums in the html file the display is only showing the first 9 albums. Looking at your code, is there some limiting factor there that would cause this?



function MShow(id) {
    for (i = 1; i < 10; i++){

replace i < 10 with i < 22