Dare I make a Feature Suggestion?

I'm a DJ (allegedly...), and I have a real issue with tracks that do not have embedded artwork!

I love the functionality of MP3Tag, that allows embedding of artwork.

I'm just now looking into adding artwork based on the GENRE tag.

What would be truly awesome, would be if MP3Tag could apply user defined artwork/album cover, BUT, actually paste over the top of that artwork information from teh tags - I'm thinking artist and title here.

So, you would run an action that would fetch a piece of artwork (from a user defined location) based on the GENRE tag of the track, then, add text to the artwork based on the ARTIST and TITLE of the track. The colour of the text could even be automatically altered based on the tags.

Am I dreaming? Is this possible? I can't believe that such a piece of software deosn't already exist (and believe me - I have looked!).

What do you guys think???

This is already possible with Mp3tag action "Import cover from file".
You have to define and setup a useful textual relation in between Mp3tag and the image file by the filename.
Read something similar there ...

Putting text onto a picture, that is the task of image processors like Imagick or Irfanview or whatever else specialised batch script driven application.
You have to develop a suitable workflow between Mp3tag and the external image application.
That means to export the text data and the color names for foreground and background colors and the transparency value and other possible arguments for colored frames, font type, font size, image file type and so forth.


Just for a couple of ideas to create such a workflow:

  • export tag data to a textfile so that one album is in such a file; take care that the sequence of tracks corresponds to that of the data
  • use this data as source for MS word mail merge function that creates text in the right format (which may leave out data that is not required like the track number)
  • import this formatted text into Powerpoint and create a single slide for each track
  • use the "save as" function in Powerpoint to export all slides to a jpg-file
  • import the jpg-files that are named something like tracklist(1).jpg, tracklist(2).jpg into Mp3tag with the mask tracklist(%track%).jpg.

And if you don't own PowerPoint and have no wish to purchase it ... (or steal it).

LibreOffice Impress does the same job with zero cost. With no dodgy 'activators' or 'cracks' that you do not know what else they happen to contain needed.