Data Corrupt after MP3Tag + FLAC

Hey i used MP3Tag for editing some Tag and Cover art fo my music library.
It turns out that many of my file damaged after editting. I'm sure that is caused by MP3Tag.
I found many people with same problem but no answers.

I found this problem when i tried to access my musics on my phone.
I can't shere them or move them to another dvices. And when i do the transfer it saved with a weird name and unknown file format. In fact it was something else and useless.

MP3Tag is the most amazing tag editor but it's a very big bug.
I lost many of my files that i can't recover them. There is no back up.

I sould mention that i edite a larg library. Around 800 musics.
There were some FLAC albums.
I use Windows 10 operating system and MP3Tag V2.97

I believe it must related to editing directories and/or editing directory that contains directories.
And also related to editing libraries that contains FLAC files and/or large numbers of files.
It might caused by adding some large cover art to files.

I lost 4 of my FLAC albums completely and some FLAC tracks in other albums.
Some of my mp3 and m4a tracks are lost too.

I asking you 2 things :
1- how to find the damaged files (please name all the ways you know and tell me which one is the best.)

2- how to fix this problem.

It would be amazing that you tell me what caused the problem?!!!

Update 1 : (My Problem for some files Solved)
It wont work for all files but its good for some.

I jast found out the solution by accident. But it need more research.

I just Drag and drop it on main page of another drive of my coumputer.

Copied from C:\users\ ... \album folder
To D:\

3 out of 10 Corrupted file are restored.

Update 2 :
This method works only and only if you Drag and Drop files in drive.
Only move files not folder and not hole directories. You may have to do this one by one.
Try it for one album. It might be useful.

Update 3 :
There is a better way and that is make path shorter.

I believe the main cause of all of this is the long path(Folder name) or file name.
Make it short and you'll be fine.!!!

I dont know what else to do, please guide me.
Thanks to all of you guys.

where do you see the role of MP3tag when apparently all problems arise from your OS environment?
In MP3tag, you can filter for path lengths that are longer than a specified limit.
In Mp3tag, you can set functions to limit path lenghts to certain limits when creating new filenames.
I do not see any corruption caused by MP3tag.