Data in REAL database, instead of tags?

I thought, it would be interesting and great to store my music data in a real database (like MySQL). In separate tables author, his nationality and life, work, presentation of the work, orchestra, conductor, his life and career, publisher, its characteristics, and so on. There would be no need to copy, it would be enough to simply enter (=select) the links to tables, when entering a new piece of music into my phonoteca, as it described in The Big Book, how a database works.

The only advantage of the data storage in the file, is portability. But it also has many drawbacks; especially the loss of time.

Now, if I want to enter the next performance of Tchaikovsky's Capriccio italiano:

1. Export of the existing one interpretation's data:

$filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\aaa.txt',utf-8)$loop(1)If opus is the same<<<+++>>>%album%<<<+++>>>%albumfake%<<<+++>>>%tracktotal%<<<+++>>>$replace($meta_sep(composer,\\), / ,\\)<<<+++>>>$replace($meta_sep(arranger,\\), / ,\\)<<<+++>>>$replace($meta_sep(lyricist,\\), / ,\\)<<<+++>>>%track%<<<+++>>>%title%<<<+++>>>%titlefake%<<<+++>>>%year%<<<+++>>>%contentgroup%<<<+++>>>%subtitle%<<<+++>>>$meta_sep(genre,\\)<<<+++>>>$meta_sep(language,\\)<<<+++>>>$meta_sep(tagtechinfo,\\)<<<+++>>>%initialkey%<<<+++>>>%multitrack%<<<+++>>>$replace(%comment%,$char(9),<u>,$char(13)$char(10),<s>)<<<+++>>>$replace(%unsyncedlyrics%,$char(9),<u>,$char(13)$char(10),<s>)<<<+++>>>$replace(%cue%,$char(9),<u>,$char(13)$char(10),<s>)

2. Import Desktop\aaa.txt:

If opus is the same<<<+++>>>%album%<<<+++>>>%albumfake%<<<+++>>>%tracktotal%<<<+++>>>%composer%<<<+++>>>%arranger%<<<+++>>>%lyricist%<<<+++>>>%track%<<<+++>>>%title%<<<+++>>>%titlefake%<<<+++>>>%year%<<<+++>>>%contentgroup%<<<+++>>>%subtitle%<<<+++>>>%genre%<<<+++>>>%language%<<<+++>>>%tagtechinfo%<<<+++>>>%initialkey%<<<+++>>>%multitrack%<<<+++>>>%comment%<<<+++>>>%unsyncedlyrics%<<<+++>>>%cue%

3. Correct back with Action Group (comment, unsyncedlyrics, cue)

4. Manually rewrite: album, artist, conductor, times (performingdate, albumdate, publishingdate), and so on.

Toooooo slow. :frowning:
And even more time, if I have to bring in first time some other opus' performance.

But either foobar2000 is not prepared for using database...
Hmm... Some program, that able to convert data, created using database, into tags?? would be niiiiiice.

(Oh, dear, why not BB codes in forum, with [code]here goes[/code]? This is catastrophic. Again: time, time, time...)

Instead of reinvent the wheel you could use some (nearly) ready-to-use solution like:

But be warned: Unless you have hundreds of thousands of tracks, a database is not faster then Mp3tag - believe me .-)

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LyricsLover, thank you for your quick and valuable answer. It seems to bee, what i want as a workaround.

Unfortunately, of course, such a solution (with a connector) also has its downsides: the data, updated in the database, does not go into the existing tags.