Data-Sort-Criteria, qualified Media-Data-Browser

Sorry, I'm Mp3tag-Newbie!

How to sort Data on more than one Parameter only?
Would like to be able to first (level) sort on e. g. "Album Interpret", second (within all same "Album Interprets") on e. g. "Album" and third (within all same "Albums") on e.g. "Track" (-Number) in order to get "nice view" of Music-Data. How to that?

Other Question: How comes, I find Entry such as e. g. "1953\1953" and what to about it best? Where does that come from and how to prevent other Entries like that in future?

I'm just at the Beginning of new Database and my own CD-Collection (I intend to ripp one after the other and thereafter my Vinyl-collection), however so far, I already fight finding qualified "Browser". From what I'v seen so far, "Windows Media Player" and VLC as well don't seem to be choice of the Art!? (e.g. no CD-Numbers to be shown and much more). What do you recommend?

Looking forward to your Tipps & Recs! :wink:


Which one of the many already existing solutions with a search like
sort by column
doesn't work for you?

An entry like 1953\1953 could be the result of multiple entries for the same tag. Please press ALT + T on such a track and check, if there are multiple YEAR entries (for example).

Maybe your ripping program is adding this values or any other program the searches online for such metadata (like Windows Media Player, VLC and many others). You have to look inside this programs, how you can disable unwanted updates to your metadata.

For your "Browser" question:
IMHO it highly depends on your choosen structure for your files and the amount of files.
If you save your files like
A\ABBA\Waterloo (Vinyl Rip)\1974\A1 - Waterloo (english version).mp3
you could even use your Windows Explorer as a browser.
If your files are stored in one single directory with names like "Waterloo.mp3" you need some kind of management software with a database including all the metadata for this song.

Try foobar2000 - that allows several sort criteria. And filters. And more.