Database for Tags

Hello All,
I am using MP3Tag already for a long time and I am pretty satisfied with the functionality and the maintenance of the package.

One feature that I have not seen being discussed (having said that I have not scanned the full community site) is the creation of a database for each tag being used. I meam similar to what EAC does, when you fill in a tag it comes with suggestions based on previously used names etc.
This would make it very easy to use the same spelling for e.g. composers in tags, but also names of persons and groups. If the original spelling pops up one could select that and make sure that the same name does not need to be typed again and avoid it is typed with the wrong spelling.
Please let me know if this is feasible in any timeframe.

Best regards,, ArjanH

I would say that the feature is almost there.
Already now you can load the new files and those from the same artist.
Like that you can select the already used artist name from the dropdown list in the tag panel if you use one of the older tracks as template for the new ones.
All other data probably has to be entered individually anyway (as it is a new album with new titles, individual track numbering, new cover).

A more generic approach where all input is stored in the database and then presented for the new files has its drawbacks IMHO:
when does a string become a template? Everytime a new string is entered with all its typos?
How do you maintain these templates? How do you modify, delete existing entries when you find out that they were not quite right when you check them again?
How long should a list of suggestions be? For bigger collections several thousand items will be added to a dropdown list. This will take quite some time to load and also to find the right entry.
Would you need some kind of fuzzy search to cater for cases like "Rolling Stones" and "The Rolling Stones"?

That is why I think that the already possible approach with template files or actions of the type "Format value" for often used strings is a good one. But as I don't know what the future will bring, let us see.

Oh, and here is a thread on a similar topic:

or the idea to create user-defined dropdown lists:

I would say that the feature is almost there.
Already now you can load the new files and those from the same artist.

Thanks for the quick answer.
However what you suggest is that the name can be picked from the dropdown list...however it wil not suggest a name somewhere used in my complete music directory.

I think the "Auto Populated drop-down list" feature describes it better than I did.
However if you look at the EAC program:

When you start typing a name in the Artist field it will suggest al names with the same pattern until you arrive at a point that enough information leads to the name you are looking for and then you can select that artist name. If a name is not avalable in the list you type the full name. The next time you taype aname in the same filed it will be this is the way the database is being filled. It is empty and will be fillied while using the package.

This should be applicable only for the fields Artist, Album Artist (these 2 could use the same database) and Composer. All other fields are too random.
This will allow you to type a composers name ones and use the same name (spelling) again for the next mistakes in spelling anymore....with the nuissance of having to repair it as e.g. one composer appears in many different entries in the music library.

I hope I have clarified what I mean...and in case you need an example, please have a look at EAC.

Thanks again for all the good effort, it is a great program.