"date recorded" and WMP11


I have a question about entering the "recorded date" in tags, particularly in regard to WMP11, but more generally also.

WMP11 has a "date recorded" field but won't let me edit it, either directly, or using Advanced Tag Edit. So mp3tag should be ideal! Entering the recorded date is is really important to me for cataloguing and DJing from my music collection.

First of all: I read that WMP uses ID3v2.3 as a base and then adds its own tags

I've read the list of main tags at http://www.help.mp3tag.de/en/main_tags.html. I think these are all the tags in MP3tag, but they are not all the tags in IDE3. (It would be really useful if that page had a link to http://www.id3.org/).

Now I don't want to use the YEAR tag (IDE3v2.3 TYER) tag for two reasons.
First of all, according to http://www.id3.org/id3v2.3.0.html:
"The 'Year' frame is a numeric string with a year of the recording. This frames is always four characters long"
i.e. it's only for years and not for dates. And WMP has always handled this correctly(!), only allowing you to enter a year and not a date. Furthermore, in WMP11 the Year tag is only displayed once for the whole CD - no good for me.

Now IDEv2.3 has other possibilities:
"The 'Date' frame is a numeric string in the DDMM format containing the date for the recording. This field is always four characters long."

  • this is better, but what if different tracks on the album are recorded in different years (normal with the kind of music I listen to)? Well there is also:

The 'Recording dates' frame is a intended to be used as complement to the "TYER", "TDAT" and "TIME" frames. E.g. "4th-7th June, 12th June" in combination with the "TYER" frame.

  • this looks perfect, as the format is not fixed so I can enter a string.

Okay, here are my questions:
1/ Can I use mp3tag to change TDAT or TRDA? (If not: why not?)
2/ Can I find out what tags WMP11 is using for its "Date Recorded" field, and how to change it (from within WMP11 / MP3tag / elsewhere)

Thanks for reading this and I hope someone can help



partial answers to my own questions!

i/ I can edit TDAT from the Date field in Extended Tag Editor (Alt-T).
ii/ I think I can use mp3tag to add TRDA by just typing it in in the Extended Tag Editor - can someone confirm that?
neither of these has any effect on the "Date Recorded" field in WMP11

By the way, as suspected, WMP11 displays the year of the first track as the Year of the CD

So I still would like to know what is the "date recorded" field in WMP11 (any ideas anyone)?

P.S. How do you choose between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 in mp3tag?


That is wrong. TRDA frame is currently not implemented and there is no way to view/edit it.

I tried a file with a TRDA frame, but your "Date Recorded" column remained empty.
When I look at some search results I get the impression this column is only related to Videos/Tv shows.
Do you have any file that shows something in this column?

Maybe it's only WMF metadata.

Uhm, it's in the options. Tags > Mpeg. But you must know that WMP does not recognize v2.4