Date released tag only showing year when checked in windows properties

I filled year in YEAR tag and date in RELEASE DATE & RELEASETIME tag but can't see the output in windows properties of that file. Only year is showing in Date Released tag in windows properties (See screenshot for convenience). Let me know what's going wrong.

AFAIK there is no field "release date".
See here for the list of supported fields: Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation

All other fields are probably user-defined fields. So I do not know what the windows explorer makes of user-defined fields - perhaps you see the contents of the field YEAR (again).

The format for the field RELEASETIME does not look right to me. It thould be
AFAIK the property for length is stored in the field _LENGTH. The field LENGTH is a user-defined copy of the property and can be deleted.

i did not get whatever you said. I hope my query is clear to understand.

What I am trying to say: I doubt that user-defined fields get displayed in the Windows Explorer properties dialogue.
I suspect that "RELEASE DATE" is a user-defined field as I do not find it in the list of supported fields for MP3tag. See Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation for a list of supported (standard) fields.

Then: you have the field "RELEASETIME" in a non-standard format. It should be
(Sorry, can't say it in any different way as this is the standard).
Instead, I see d.Monthname YYYY
in the field.
The same applies to "RELEASE DATE" which therefore in addition to probably being a user-defined field will probably be in a non-standard format.
All this together: it could be that you do not see the expected data as the data is not in the expected formats.
I addition it could be that you have added a Mapping of fields in Tools>Options>Mapping so that you see the year in different fields.

I need to jump in here, since it's getting to confusing. Everything what @ohrenkino wrote above is true, except for the fact that it's only valid for MP3 files tagged with ID3v2.

From the screenshot above, I can see that the file in question is a FLAC file. FLAC uses Vorbis Comments as tag format, which consists of free-form key/value pairs.

The fact that Windows Explorer doesn't pick up the release date, is probably due to an error in Windows Explorer's FLAC tag parsing component. My own experiments using Windows 10 version 1803 (which is the latest as of today) show, that even adding information to that field through Windows Explorer's properties sheet doesn't persist it to the file.

So I wouldn't worry too much about the data not being displayed. However, I'd start collecting that information in a kind of standardized format (as @ohrenkino already pointed out above). In you example, 1994-08-05 would be the recommended way of storing that date.

Thanks @ohrenkino @Florian for information.
Yes I got it. Will write in standard format as told by both of you. Anyway, as Florian said, FLAC files won't display the tag properly in windows 10 therefore I won't mind much.

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