date string alteration question

I have added a release date string into the title tag of some files. I would like to remove part of that string.


2013-12-06T22:40:53Z - rest of title tag

I would like to truncate that to

2013-12-06 - rest of title tag

I have searched several topics and tried a few actions that were suggested for other replace actions. Nothing has worked yet with regular replace for me, probably because I didn't use correct syntax.

Can anyone suggest the correct syntax to use to achieve that action?


Use action replace with regular expression

Replace: T\d\d:\d\d:\d\dZ
With: leave blank

Thanks for posting a response quickly -

I tried the first code, it removed everything after the letter "T" in my example.
The second one did not alter the title at all.

I did refresh view, etc. after performing the action. Any suggestions? I am not familiar with regular expression syntax.

Perhaps this:
Search: (.*)T.Z - (.)
Repalce: $1 - $2

Sorry I read the text string incorrectly. I've edited that post to reflect that.

Yes, that new syntax works! Thank you very much for the help.