Date tag from DD.MM.YYYY to YYYY.MM.DD

I seriously need help with this issue. All my music has been tagged with "date" tag in format DD.MM.YYY, so f.ex. 05-10-1990. I now noticed, that several music player programs do not seem to understand the year, as it's tagged in the end. I would need to batch change all my music to YYYY.MM.DD. I tried strings, but am not well versed in them. Could someone help?

What about this?

Hi thanks for the link. The format in the link that had problem seemed to be MM.DD.YYYY. I tried $regexp(%year%,(\d\d).(\d\d).(\d\d\d\d),$3.$1.$2). It will then show YYYY.DD.MM. However, I am still unable to get YYYY.MM.DD.

Just swap $1 and $2 :wink:

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Right you are thank you so much! You saved me countless hours.

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