Date tag is displayed as unknown on Sony NWZ-A818 player


I am not vary savy in the MP3 world. Can you please help me make my sony Sony NWZ-A818 player understand the date tag? It does understand Title Artiste Album and Art.

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It's near to impossible to suggest anything without having the device at hand.

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Thank you Florian,

I think I understand. The player extracts the "year" data of an mp3 file from data embedded in the "album" level enclosing the file (and other tracks of same album). This data in the album is added by WMP from the tag. WMP does not modify the tags (checked with an hex editor). Likewise, the art displayed with the song is that enclosed in the "album structure" that WMP inserts by copying the "folder.jpg" file found in the directory of the mp3 file(s). Strangely if the art is inserted as a tag (in each and every file) the player will still display it even if the file is dragged and dropped without WMP's intervention - but not so for the year.

Hope this investigation could serve other forum's users