Date/Time sort puts 12a (00:00) after 1a (01:00)

This is a fairly simple explanation, sorting by Date/Time puts 12am (00:00) after 1am (01:00). This is logical from a numbers perspective, but not time. I scoured the existing articles, but didn't find a match (nothing even close). I've also downloaded the latest version (i was on v3.11), which had the same result. The Dev build was the same v3.12.0.0, so i didn't test that. It would seem that either 12a should be represented as 00, or add AM/PM to the Date/Time sort criteria? But i'll leave all the magic to 'Florian the Magician'!

thx for all that you do!!

How did you define the "Created" column? Is it the file creation date of the operating system?

Then you need to change Sort by in the definition of the column to %_file_create_datetime_raw%.

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The search words "date create sort" produce e.g. this thread

which shows the solution shown by @poster.

MP3tag does not evaluate what kind of data gets delivered in a particualr field. You would have to take care to get a representation that you like.
That is why you have to set the attriubutes for a column like field, value, sort by and numerical.

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thx for the find ohrenkio... and help ohrenkino (& Poster!)! :slight_smile: i'll give it a shot... sounds like it should work w/o issue. thx again to the both of you!! :slight_smile:

3rd time was a charm! kept missing the 'raw' at the end (thx @poster )... ugh. :wink: had to take my DUNCE cap off to see it. :slight_smile: gotta remember this is so highly customizable, i just need to dig a bit deeper sometimes to find a way to do whatever it is i need to do. everyone's different, mp3tag accounts for that. one of the MANY things that make this app so awesome!

thx all, as always... EXTREMELY helpful!

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