DATE-YEAR fields confusion in Vorbis comments


Hi there, i use this opportunity since i have registered now, firstly to give you ONE BIG THANKS for great and rocksolid piece of software :slight_smile:

I have encountered this problem after i decided to transcode my collection to FLAC and use it exclusively, so now i rely solely on Vorbis Comments tags.

Since it is widely open Tag structure i am using now, i decided to use standard, recommended tags from Ogg Vorbis Documentation and some proposed fields from Extending Vorbis Comments page. Everything works fine and i am very happy with the result, except that somehow mp3tag forces me always to use YEAR and not DATE field.

I want to use DATE tag, for time track was recorded, for example: 1977-05-07
and YEAR field should be 1977. Even if i change it this way in Alt-T dialogue,
i always get 2 YEAR fields, 1977, and 1977-05-07 and no DATE field at all. So as far i understood, internally i have two DATE fields, and i can see them in for example foobar2000.

Is it possible to change this behaviour somehow so that i get freedom using Vorbis Comment tags and use two really separate fields DATE and YEAR?

I understand this is more wish then bug, and i apologize if i posted this here on wrong place.


The internal mapping from YEAR to DATE is intentional because Mp3tag is using YEAR through the whole program and I'm sure that many users will posting bug reports if the year they've entered to the 'Year' field won't show up in other applications.

I'm sorry, but I won't change this (same for TRACK to TRACKNUMBER mapping).

Best regards,
~ Florian


Thanks for fast reply!

I see it now better, it is only internal thing, which is simply used for user-friendly advantage. No problem! I will simply only use date and release date fields in future.


Yes, using RELEASE DATE seems to be a good idea and it's also used in the extending vorbis comments proposal you've linked to.

Best regards,
~ Florian