date & year tags


I am tagging FLAC files with MP3TAG 2.44, using the TEXT FILE - TAG function.

My format string is tab separated and as follow:

I have tripled checked that my text files are properly separated by tabs.

The date information is this: 21/07/1987 and the year information is this: 1987.

My problem is that: the date column displays nothing, and the year column displays the date (instead of the year)...

Also, I cannot write anything in the date field directly from the interface (double clicking on the field).

Do you know what is the problem?

Many thanks,

In the flac tagging format the year is saved in the DATE tag.
So Mp3tag reads and writes from DATE but it shows you YEAR.

If you don't want that you can go to Options > Tags > Mapping and remove the DATE-YEAR mapping.
(You will need at least Mp3tag v2.44 I think)

Hi Dano,

I don't have this option.

I am using 2.44.

What can I do?

Many thanks,

Get this version

Thanks Dano.

Is there no way of getting a portable development build?

No, it's not allowed to distribute Mp3tag without the installer.

But you can extract the installer with 7z and copy .exe and other files to your portable directory.