Dealing with 'bracket info' in titles


I was wondering how you guys deal with breaket info, e.g. "(Live in Paris)" or "[DJ aBc Remix]".

On the plus side, they provide extra information which is especially useful when several performances of the same song are in the tracklist. On the other hand, some are just very long and it can be rather repetitive to add the same info bits to many tracks.

In a perfect world, I'd probably decide to put the complete title (including the bits) in a seperate tag and then set Winamp to display this tag, or maybe even better, have a seperate only for these bits and then append them to the title tag. But I'm afraid Winamp will only show the title tag...

What do you think?

I don't know.
As some information meanders from field to field, it is useful to develop a standard for one's own purpose.
E.g. I add any kind of description of the version of a title in square brackets e.g. [live], [Maxi Edit], [Instrumental].
Every featured artist ends up in chevrons: <& Jay-Z> or <& Rod Stewart & Sting>.
Others put this information in the SUBTITLE or the ARTIST ... see what your player can show and which information you need to identify the track you are looking for and then follow your guidelines.
As hardly any player allows to display custom tags, these tags are no solution.