Dealing with sites hiding info behind javascript, any ideas?


How to deal with sites that now hide album information behind javascript? Basically, where album information used to be contained in the album page's html is now hidden by javascript.void(0). Basically, when a user lands on the album page and interacts with an element on the page, this interaction invokes the javascript loading of a server-side page to display the album information. As far as I know, this nullifies websource scraping.

All I can say is that navigating the site is more annoying now because it requires more clicks to get to an album's information. I'm considering not renewing my subscription with them, which was my way of throwing some bones to them over the past few years as a show of my appreciation for one of the largest repositories of album information out there.

I figured out the schema that fetches the missing information loaded by the site's javascript and I have a python script in the works that's almost there by fetching these different, ummm, pagelets, but I would rather have everything within mp3tag for convenience.

Site owners hiding information behind javascript isn't new, but unfortunately I see it arrived on one of my favorite album resource sites that also reduces the site's usability somewhat.