Debug file in websources

Sometimes(most common) the debug file don't appear, this is an example folder:
DebugWriteInput "C:\mp3tag.html"
Debug "ON" "C:\mp3tagdebug.txt"

i really like this to work, as is the best way i learn.

Isn't it that Windows blocks writing to the root folder?

I also try other folders

Please use a folder where you've made sure to have write access to. And where you've added an exclude for Windows folder protection or disabled it completely.

Another option is that your script is erroneous. In this case, you'd have a file scripterror.log in the Mp3tag configuration directory.

If you can describe a reproducible error, please let me know.

did not now that, the error is:


ERROR(L32): end of line in quote

What's in line 32 of your script?

findline "bc-palette-default" role="tooltip" aria-label="popover" data-popover-position="right" data-width=320"

Edit: i think the problem is the quotes, if they are not 2x it dont work, thank you Florian.