Decisions, Decisions

As the character / is reserved for other uses I have decided to replace it with something more friendly.
Where there are instances of multiple artists I reckon that for the sake of simplicity I will use ;space.
I am able to filter out tracks containing multiples of artists but don't know how to create a suitable Action.

Would like to be able to achieve
Artist Smith / Jones / McClumpher
Title 101 Nee Ha
Filename 101 (Smith; Jones; McClumpher) Nee Ha.mp3


Learn about actions here:
Then, make some attempt to help yourself.
If you ask for assistance, show what you think should work.

Is TITLE correct? It has a leading number and when a filename is generated, the number should get separated from the rest? Strange.

If you want to rename a file and replace something in that field with something else, you can use a $replace() statement, e.g.
%track% ($replace(%artist%,' /','; ') %title%

Hey ryerman,
Agree entirely with your comment and will ask forgiveness based on age, ability and forgetfulness. You see ryerman, I'm one of the forums BoF's (Boring old Farts), the operative bit being "old".
I'll be 73 in July which takes care of the "old" bit.
I freely admit to having difficulty with many computer based skills. This takes care of the "ability" bit.
Unfortunately, my powers of recall ain't what they used to be as witnessed by my not recognising the guy who is looking back at me from the mirror in the morning when I'm shaving. This takes care of the "forgetfulness".
I feel brilliant when the stars of this forum aid and assist me, and many many other BoF's who lurk about in the dark recesses of the forum trawling for information in order that they may savour the delights of the 21 Century!!

Sorry "o".
Of course the title has no numbers. My mistake!!

The filename I'm trying to get is:
Artist Smith / Jones / McClumpher
Title Nee Ha
Track 101
Filename 101 (Smith; Jones; McClumpher) Nee Ha.mp3


Then see if this format string for the Convert>Tag-Filename function works:

%track% ($replace(%artist%,' /','; ') %title%

One tiny alteration:
%track% ($replace(%artist%,' /','; ')) %title%

Many thanks!!!