Default action on error while executing an action

Hi !

I just discovered mp3tag and start to love it already !
I am using it to classify a quit big amont of mp3 (about 60 GB) coming from a lot of different places.
The first step I'd like to accomplish is the renaming (and moving) of the files according to the tags.
I started to use an action for that and it works pretty well (and super quick compare to the other peaces of software I've tried 'till now !).

BUT ! (there are always buts on the support forum :slight_smile:

Some files are missing the tags I want to use for the renaming and often I get a message telling me mp3tag can't create the file because it already exists (I have the choice to cancel, ignore or retry).

An image : Let's say I want to move the files like C:\%artist%\%album%\%year%-%track% but there is no %track% field, the first file will be renamed C:\%artist%\%album%\%year%- but the second will give me an error.

So the questions :

  • is there a way to create an action that will ignore the files missing the required information to fit the pattern I want to use for renaming ?
  • is there a way to set a default action (let's say... well... continue, so I can go to drink my coffe and take care of the trash files afterwards) ?

I checked the forum, found a lot of interessting tricks but no information about my problem, though I am sure I am not the only one interested in this feature.

Any help would me much much appreciated !

Best Regards,

Your problem seems to be, that you want to do things afterwards, which need to be done before.
All the extra time, which you have to spend for debugging afterwards, can be saved, if you prepare all conditions for a successful process before you start the automatic run.

If your current mode of working with Mp3tag leads you into error situations, then you have to change your mode of working.

Your first task is to fill the involved tag fields with proper values.
Mp3tag can help to make that easy.
The list viev data grid can be sorted per column. You can create your own sorting rules within the column dialog.
There is a highly configurable filter.
There is an easy track numbering assistant.
There are converters.
There are actions and actiongroups.
There is a scripting language.

If you got problems due to creating duplicate filenames when using bad data, then avoid to create duplicate filenames. First cure the bad data, then go into automatic processing.

Fill a temporary user defined tag field with the newly to create filename, check this filename for failures before renaming the actually filename in the file system.
If the new filename is alright, then do the physical renaming or moving within the underlying real filesystem.


It was my problem indeed, thank you for pointing another way of doing things.