Default Action on open

Is this sequence possible?

  1. Run Mp3tag on a folder of MP3s (all files selected option ON)
  2. Mp3tag opens and automatically executes an ACTION (i.e. execute ACTION on open)
  3. ACTION completes and Mp3tag exits/closes

There are a lot of background assumptions made here e.g. formatting, error handling, etc..... just interested if the sequence is possible.


Only 1.5 of the steps:
You can run MP3tag in a folder and it opens with all files selected.
You cannot execute an action automatically.
MP3tag does not exit after the execution of an action.

If would require some kind of command line parameters - and that idea dates back at least to this thread:

Too bad. The awesome power of this tool would grow exponentially with command line capability....would certainly support what machines are best at....the automation of repetitive and boring tasks! Save the GUI interface for the fun stuff!!