Default blank iTunes lyric Tag

Hi all,

How can I default any blank UNSYNCEDLYRIC tags to eng| so that they display as blank on my iPod rather than absent. This means that the iPod lyric display will stay on the lyric display for all songs rather than going back to the track display when blank.

Many thanks


unsyncedlyrics MISSING

in your filter and define a convertion Tag -Tag

Format String: Eng||


If you use xxx|| instead of eng|| then the lyrics (or the empfy field) will be displayed not only for devices set to English but in all languages.

And just a philosophical remark on the thread topic: the described way actually does not "blank" the field but fills it with at least 5 characters ...
Also I would consider to fill those fields that have this dummy entry with something that can be used for filtering like
so that it can be distinguished from those tracks that actually have lyrics as after the described actions the filter "unsyncedlyrics MISSING" will not work any more for those fields that have nothing more than the language marker and the two bars.