Default Convert Filename - Tag not work since Windows update

I have just update to the May 2019 version of Windows 10 x64 and the default menu option Convert >Filename - Tag no longer seems to work. The Ok button remains low lighted.

And yes, I did remember to select the tracks first before attempting the operation. I have also tried reverting back to older versions of MP3tag as well as trying version 2.05a (the pre release version). The problem still remains.

Yes, this is due to the fact that the filename and the mask that you use simply do not match.
BTW, there is no "default" for the mask, this may be the last mask that you have used.
In your case I do not see a lot of hope to get all the data from the filename as opposed to the mask that you use, the displayed filenames have no separators between the tag fields - they are just one long line of text, no hyphens or underscores, nothing.
To get a little data I would try the following:
Format string: %track% Chris Rea %title%
THis should at least fill the track number and the title. You would have to save the artist name an album name manually via the tag panel.