Default directory for adding Album Art?

I swear this used to work, but after re-installing on a new PC, it's not.

Before, when I'd select some tracks (all in the same folder) and right-click the "Album Art" tag,
it would open up a File Open dialog right in the folder with all the tracks. This allowed me to easily
just click on the album art file that was already there (put there by my ripping software), and be
on my way.

But now when I do it, it's always opening up in my d:\users\myid\Music folder. Which means I have
to scan through literally a thousand folders to find the one artist, and then drill down into the album
folder, in order to select the album art.

Anyone know what changed, and how I can restore the old behavior? When I'm doing this for a
dozen CDs I just ripped, it's really annoying to have to always start at the root folder and drill
down every time. Even worse, the application knows the path, and displays the path, but won't
let me select and copy it so I can just paste it into the Open File dialog to get their quickly.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong, what option I don't have set correctly, or what's going on?

The only real difference between this PC and the last one is that on this one my Music library is on
the D-Drive, instead of the C-Drive...

Go to File > Options > Directories
and enter %_folderpath%
in the Cover art directory box.

Btw you can also use the actions to embed covers.

Thank You! I thought I was going crazy there for a while...