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Hello All,
I would like to know if there is a way to place information in the default "extended tag" box? For example, when I select a song, select extended tag, a box appears with "Artist, Album and Title" along with some other random stuff. Is there a way that "album artist" could be included in the box by default instead of constantly having to add it? Even better would be if I could have "artist, title, album, album artist" in the box and everything else would be deleted. Thank you.

No. The extended tags that you can see are the tags that are in the song. If you don't see a special tag it is not in the song.

But why do you use the extended tag-view for this purpose. You can define the tags you want to see in the tag-panel in the options-menue and the handling there is much more comfortable.

If you want to delete all other tags you can define an action of the type Remove Fields Except. There you can list the tag-fields that you want to keep and delete all others.

I understand and thank you. I am new to the app and to the community. How exactly do I do the "Remove Fields Except" and where in the app?


Have a look at the help file which you can call with F1 in the program or here:

Ok, I got this to work...many thanks. Is there any way to add default data to the metadata (see photo). I'd like ALBUMARTIST included every time. I really appreciate you helping the NOOB.

Your screenshot shows the extended Tag-Panel. I was talking about the "normal" Tag-Panel which is meant for daily work and can be configured to your wishes.

You can

  • add tag-field-masks
  • delete tag-field-masks
  • define the order
  • define the length
  • and so on

The "normal" tag-panel is the windows-part you see on the left side in standard Mp3Tag installation but you can drag it anywhere i.e. use it at the bottom in horizontal layout.

To configure go to Tools -> Options -> Tag-Panel

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Thank you so much. However, I am speaking about the extended tag panel. I’d like to 18452 Lakeshore Blvd 1 additional tag in the extended panel to always appear. By the way, your earlier post about the action list, it only worked once. Is that something I will have to retype every time or is there a way to save it so it automatically delete everything every time? I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help. Thanks, Sam

Add, not my address at the top. I have a keyboard shortcut. Sorry for the confusion.

I know. And I already told you in my first answer, that it is not possible there to add empty permantly visible tag-field-masks. The extended tag-view only shows tag-fields, that already exist in the files.

The extended tag-view is not meant for this kind of use and normally newbies don't find it at first glance.
For your purpose there already exists the "normal" tag-panel where you can add ALBUMARTIST or other fields you want to have permanently in view. Which tag-fields you see there can be configured to your wishes in Tools -> Options -> Tag Panel.

And really don't understand why you are so fixed on using the extended tag-view and don't respond to my explanations of using ans configuring the "normal" tag-panel.
You should see the "normal" tag-panel after starting MP3Tag and therefore this question normally would not occur.
Could it be that you have accidently hidden the tag-panel?
Activating or deactivating the view of the tag-panel can be done in View -> Tag Panel or with a shortcut CTRL+q.

You centainly used Actions (Quick). This is meant for actions that you don't intend to use permanently.
To save actions (with a speaking name you can define) you have to use Actions or ALT+6 to create an action group. An action group may contain only 1 action (like in your case) but also several actions that are executed in a batch one after the other (therefore the name action-group).
You can invoke your saved actions again every time you want.

OK, first off THANK YOU for all the help. I do understand about the extended tag thing. My issue was that iTunes has a sort by artist that looks for "album artist" to sort so I want to have that in there. I was hoping that I could add that automatically into the extended tags without having to type it in every time but I understand now, with your help that cannot be done. All the rest, the panel and everything I have figured out. I also got the "remove" action figured out. You have been AWESOME. Thanks again, Sam.

You can use an action that copies the contents of ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST - so no typing required:
Create an action of the type "Format value" for the field ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %artist%

If you have several things that you want to be done to every new track, then you collect them in a single action group and run them with just one mouse click.

That is EXACTLY what I wanted. You are awesome. Thank you so much! - Sam