default folder to save

Sorry for my english. Today I found a quick window in mp3tagv2.40 for customizing settings where I selected "Same folder to save and open the files" (or something like). Now I don't find how I made. Please a little help because I go crazy. Thank you

Maybe you mean "Options > General" Favorite directory ?

No. What you say is "Start from this directory". I selected a voice "for export saved files in the same folder opened, in wich is the file". And this I made in a separate window that appeared I don't know how. This window was large like the top of the tag panel. The first strike was a menu like save or folder or etc. (only 5 or 6 items). In the bottom of "folder" was 2 options, and I used the first. I don't remember the exact words because I use the italian version. This window is very useful, and I would find it