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In the tag pane the field Title when choosing multiple files defaults to < keep >. Is there any way to get the fields Artist, Album and Year to also default to < keep > when choosing multiple files?

<keep> usually is shown if you select files that have a different contents in that field.
If you have the files form an album, it is fairly likely that the data in TITLE is different for each track but ARTIST, ALBUM and YEAR are probably the same - so you see the string. These fields should also show <keep> when you select files from different albums, artists and years.

In the configuration of the tag panel fields, you can set a default value that applies as soon as at least 2 files are selected. The least dangerous one is <keep>.

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I have set all those fields in the tag panel to default however when selecting multiple files from the same album they are open to change if I tag them from say discogs. I can of course use the pull downs to manually select but that would be 8 extra clicks. The album field is the big one, I do not want it changed if I tag from somewhere else. Is there anyway to insure that any field is protected from change without having to do the extra clicking?

I think I don't really understand the problem.
If you do not want to change a field, then do not touch it.
If you want to update the data of only some files, then select only those files.
The main purpose of the tag panel is to distribute data to several (selected) files with a single input.
If you tag with discogs, then the data will be updated in all selected files according to the settings in the web sources results dialogue.
As far as I understand the web sources they search for data on web pages according to search criteria where "album and artist" are those with the best hit rate. So if I look for an album and I find that exact album why should I worry about updating the album field?

Anyway: you cannot lock a field. The settings in the tag panel do not have any effect on the web sources or on action scripts or the convert functions.
If you are not sure what the data is like from other sources, then copy the contents of the existing fields to a user-defined helper field and copy it back from there if you are not satisfied.

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Thank you very much for the responses.