Default Tag Settings

In mp3tag's Tools\Options window under the "tags" section in left-side panel -- the first two tag settings are for 1) mpeg and 2) Ape, mpc ...

I need to know what all the mp3tag default settings were (the so-called "factory settings") for these two sections.

I had to tinker with the settings because I couldn't get the Creative Media Player Organizer to recognize any of the mp3tag Title tags. This program did not have a 'default' button for returning all settings to their original state. I searched this site for "default settings" and found nothing.


There are no default settings as they very much depend on the requirements of the target (player).

Usually it is a fairly compatible setting in the Mpeg section to
read and delete all tag versions
write only V1 and V2.3 UTF-16

In the Ape, Mpc section tick all check boxes except "write APE".

Thanx -- exactly what I needed to know. In the Mpeg section I kept experimenting with the write settings -- trying to find the tag version that Creative player \ organizer would recognize. Apparently the answer is 'none.'

thanx - case resolved