Default tag sources

By default MP3tag uses the fields "Album" AND "Artist" to search for tags at MusicBrainz.
Is it possible to change those settings to "Title" AND "Artist"

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I think that MusicBrainz Picard looks for tag data with those criteria.

OK, thanks for the reply. I will try it and let you know.

It worked, thanks again !

This would be much easier for me, at least, in mp3tag. MusicBrainz sends back a lot of the data I need right away when searching with title and artist. Basically, I have to manually type in the song title as if it were the album title. Then at usually the top of the list MusicBrainz will return the information for the single version of that song. That's perfect because I'm mostly just looking for the original year of release regardless of format and the record company name. I have hundreds of random music files from compilations and whatever and usually the tags do not have original year of release, nor the publisher or copyright info. Those are the fields that are most necessary.

Picard is kind of a punk.

Meanwhile I have tried Picard and it does the job for me, only small thing is, that it very often refers to compilation albums instead of the "original", but using the right mouse-button and choosing the option "other versions" usualy solves that problem.

You can change this behaviour in the settings of Picard:
Options > Metadata > Preferred Releases

Great, another thing solved. Thank you.:ok_hand: