Default values at Tag Panel with v2.88?

Hi Florian
Have you removed the DEFAULT setting?
I have always had default text in the comment box but after this update, it has disappeared and I cant see the setting?


[2018-05-07] CHG: removed default values configuration.

It was too inconsistent with the ability to add arbitrary fields to the Tag Panel. In addition, it has been a source of continued confusion: if someone changes a value without knowing the details of the feature, some back and forth was always needed to spot the issue.

You can use an action "Format value" to fill your default values — though a manual trigger is needed in this case.

ohhh that's frustrating, it was such a nice feature :confused:
Pointless creating a task if I still have to do it manually, its just one word I have in the Comments :frowning:

Thanks for the reply

I've brought it back in a more consistent way :slight_smile:

Starting from Mp3tag v2.90c, you can now again specify a default value per field on the Tag Panel via "Options > Tag Panel".