Default values for tag fields on multiple select

I did this a few years ago, but have forgotten how to do it. I have Googled and been through the online docs to figure out what is needed. I just can't remember how. Specifically, when I multiple select songs, I want the track number to be 99 without me having to type it in every time.


See the field definition for the tag panel fields in
Tools>Options>Tag Panel
There you can set a default value.
Please note that this default value also applies if there are already values in a field

I ONLY want to change when I select multiple songs.

You did not even bother to try it, did you?
Anyway: I would like to point out that this default value ALWAYS applies if you select more than just one file. And this value also gets written if you save the (other) modification.
Which means, that you may have just used the track numbering assistant to get a sequence but when you now save another modification, you get the default value back into the field.
To get around this I wonder if an action group that prepares files and that also sets the track number would be an alternative. Like that you get the dummy value only when you first treat the files but afterwards the data is not modified unintentionally.
But to find out which way is best is up to you.

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I need to recreate this screen.


This configuration does not exist any more in this layout.
The default value are now part of the configuration for each field.
Please see Tools>Options>Tag Panel

Yes that does work! Thank you! I still don't understand how multi selection triggers this value, but I am happy that it works.