Default Values


I am converting many CD-based audio books. I have a problem using the Default Values parameters.

When I set the Default Values for the first book (title album, etc), it worked great. I selected multiple files on the main screen and the default values automatically were automatically populated into the proper fields on the left. I loved it.

Then, I started the second Audio Book and changed the Default Values. Now, when I select multiple files, only my entries from AUDIOBOOK-1 are populated into the fields. The Default Values from AUDIOBOOK-2 don't even show up when I click on the down arrow next to the field (for more options).

This makes it very difficult. I have to retype the title album, etc., every time I load a new folder of files to convert. Title album, etc, should be loaded from the Default Values parameters.

Is there a solution for this? Am I doing something wrong?


booker :sunglasses:


I didn't fully understand what you mean. If I select my Chris Rea folder for example which contains 3 albums, I can see all 3 albums if I expand the "Album" field on the left. If I expand the "Track" field, I see all tracks, if I expand the "Artist" field, I only see Chris Rea (since all tracks have Chris Rea as artist).