Deferred updates

:w00t: Hello,

I am using MP3tag with a file server on a local network.
Updating tags is slow... About 10 to 15 minutes for 40 songs.

I suggest creating a mode where updates are made in 2 steps:

  1. the user edits everything he wants on a local copy of the tags (same computer)
  2. when all edits are made, the local tags are cloned to the real files (remote computer)

This way the user can go away while the files are updated.
Thanks for reading !


How about creating a local copy of your remote files consisting of copies of one short audio file.

Edit that local copy and eventually use the "Copy Tags" feature to copy the new tags from the local files to the remote ones.

The export tool can help you clone your remote library to your local pc (simplified draft):

$loop(%_folderpath%)md "%_directory%"
$loop(%_path%)copy "C:\Test\Dummy.mp3" "%_directory%\\%_filename%.mp3"

Thank you dano,
I will look into this. :book:

It would be nice to have this streamlined through a menu item.

I think the real issue here is there's something horribly wrong with your network performance. It should never under any circumstances take that long to write the files across the network. You should check your network cable connections and also configuration.

Well, actually my computer and fileserver are linked by power line communication. Bandwidth is not as good as Ethernet !