Defined Artists & Albums

I am using Mp3Tag for a few years and I am very happy with it . I simply love it!
I also suggested it to other people as a master program to tag bulk files.
I would like to ask if there is a feature which should hold a list of used or create a defined list for Artist and Albums like we have for the Genres??
it would really help I shouldn't need to retype Artist names from my own recordings.r
If there isn't I a feature like this, I would like to suggest it

Thanks again.

This has been suggested a couple of times ...
In comparison to genres the other fields behave differently as there is a standard set of genres defined e.g. for freedb.

As a workaround:
load yourself the new files and one old track of the same artist into MP3tag.
Then select all and use the drop down lists for artist etc. to copy the existing definition of the (old) file with save into the new files.
The old file then would serve a some kind of template.

In general: the more extensive your collection becomes, the more difficult it would become to maintain a decent list of entries for artists and stuff. As soon as the number exceeds 60 and scrolling becomes necessary, it is not really comfortable any more. I think you will have thousands of artists in your collection ...
If you would add only some to that master list of artists, you could just as well maintain that list in an extra text file and copy&paste the names from there ...

But you are right currently there is no built-in function in MP3tag.