Defining an Album

Hello there, new member here.
I have just downloaded a bunch of mp3 music from the net, most of it complete albums. Using the Explorer and MP3TAG, I organized the albums in directories, the same way as the WMP does when ripping the CDs, including the album art. In the MP3TAG everything seems to be correct, yet when I try to catalog the music either in WMP or in the Zune software, each mp3 file appears as a single album with one file in it. I have turned off the internet mp3 info auto update in both programs.
Is there a way to make a mp3 files compilation to be recognized as an album?
Your help would be very appreciated.
Cheers, Lumir

I know that you can select a bunch of songs and change the 'Album' on all of them and that way they will all show up under the same album.

But Zune has a double issue ( i know as I just bought one) that it also uses the band / Album Artist tag to sort and show songs. I am seriously looking for a way to autoamtically plop in the 'Artist' filed in 'Band' quickly for say 10,000 songs... and can't seem to find an easy way to do that.

I found the reply here --> Extended Tags

This is my problem, same Album on all songs, but each song still shows as a separate Album. Actually I managed to show songs as a single Album, it was for an album that had a single artists. However, on the various artists album, even if I force the same "artist" to all songs, they still show each as single album.


You need to change the BAND tag, not the ARTIST tag. Then the albums will be together like they should be.

And for k000...

Select all your music, right-click, Convert, and click Actions.

Make a new action group, and in that group add the "Guess values" action. For "source format", put %artist% and for "guessing pattern" put %band%. Check the action group, hit OK, and wait for the script to finish running.

This is, of course, assuming that your Artist tags are all identical within an album already. If you just want the Band tags identical and don't care what the value is, use %album% instead of %artist%.