Delete and/or add identical parts to filenames

Let's suppose I have hundreds of songs and I have to add to the end of each filename " (Live)" e.g.; it looks or at least I wasn't able to find, that there isn't any feature that does it for all filenames at once.
Similarly, when I have in a large amount of filenames a part, at the end of each filename, that is identical for all of them (e.g. "[]"), to get rid of it I have to go each fileneme and delete it ...unless there's another short cut, but i wasn't able to find either.
Any help is really appreciated!

You can use Convert>filename-filename for this.

If you want to add something use
as mask for the old filename and
%1 live
as mask for the new filename.

In the other case use the same converter but enter this time as old mask:
%1 []
and as new mask:

Actually, you should not mess around with the filenames but fill the tags properly and generate filename from the tags - just a personal comment.

:laughing: Thank you very much for the suggestions!