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Hi Folks,
I've been searching the forums for the last hour and trying differently formulas and nothing seems to be working. I might not be understanding what to replace or using the wrong formulas.

My filenames are formatted as [JAZZ] title. I'm trying to eliminate the "[JAZZ]" and replace it with the artist name. I can't seem to get the tag feature to work since MP3Tag wants to use "[JAZZ]" as the artist and won't let me change that.

Any ideas on what formula to fix this? Thanks in advance!

It depends on whether or not you have the tags already in place for Title and Artist. If you do have both, simply use the converter for Tag - Filename, and format it with %artist% %title% there. You can see a preview of the results there to confirm you are getting the desired results..

If you don’t have all of the tags already, perhaps share a screenshot of what you do have for a real file example, use Alt+T to get all of the fields available.

This is what I'm seeing.

AFAI can tell you do not have any data in the tag fields except TRACK. So, if you try to use non-existent data for the filename, the filename will be erased.

What you could do:
Select the files.
Import the genre and the title from the files first with
Convert>Filename - Tag
String: [%genre%] %title%

Enter the artist in the corresponding field in the tag panel and press Ctrl+S to save the modification.

Then use Convert>Tag-Filename
String: %artist% - %title%

Something more - when I look at the currently loaded directory, I see
D:\Music\Louis Armstrong\I've got the music
So I assume, that you have a folder structure that features the ARTIST and the ALBUM in the path.
You could expand the string in Convert>Filename-Tag to
%artist%\%album%\[%genre%] %title%

To get the most of the already existing data into the tags.
And then you may use that structured data to compose a filename of your liking.

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That's a good idea, i didn't even think of that. Thank you!

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