delete certain character(s), but only at the end

Hi good people,
please help me with the following issue :
I want to delete a certain character (>) or a group of characters ( ~ ) in the TAG field, but only if it occurs at the very end, all other occurences should remain untouched.
"Song1>Song2>Song3>" should become "Song1>Song2>Song3"
"Song1 ~ Song2 ~ Song3 ~ " should become "Song1 ~ Song2 ~ Song3"

any help much appreciated,

Bonus Q :
Why is there no TITLE entry in the "field" pulldown menu ?
at first glance, TAG can be used instead, identical ?

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular Expression" for the respective field.
Search string: >$
Replace string:
(leave empty)
The $ stands for the end of the string.
Bonus answer: What pulldown-menu are you referring to? There are so many pulldown menus.

wonderful, apparently the $ still rules the world ... :sunglasses:
works like a charm, I can take it from there.

big thanks, ohrenkino ! :slight_smile:

the missing TITLE entry :
"replace with regular expression" window in "actions"
the top menu "field" has no option TITLE, using TAG instead seems to work, not sure if this could potentially cause trouble, i.e. if it's a 1:1 substitute
... only a tiny little detail, for sure !

If there is no TITLE listed you have deleted it yourself using the menue behind the button at the right.
Open this menue and chose "Reset fields ..." and all deleted tag-fields will appear again.

Hi poster,
spot on !
I got my TITLE back - great !
must've been an accident on my side, wasn't even aware you could change that list ...

many thanks,