Delete certain text between feat. parenthesis but not remix parenthesis

I'm batch editing trying to make titles like these:
Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) (Ape Drums Remix)
Legends (feat. Kalibwoy) (SuddenBeatz Remix)

Look instead like this:
Dancehall Soldier (Ape Drums Remix)
Legends (SuddenBeatz Remix)

Can anybody help me with this? I'm very new to MP3TAG and can't really get the grip I need for more complicated replacements.
Thank you

You could try:
$regexp('Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) (Ape Drums Remix)',(.*)\(.*\) (.*),$1$2)

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I don't believe that this works, or at least when I attempted to input I saw no result. The intention is to be able to use this to clear out any part of every track title that says "(Feat. ____ )" but not the part that says "( _____ Remix)". Thanks for the quick reply, though!

Or this one:
$regexp('Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) (Ape Drums Remix)',\(feat.*?\) ,)
You have to replace the 'Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) (Ape Drums Remix)' with the field name (which you have not told us yet)

I apologize, the field in question is title. From there, I would just copy title to filename to avoid any unnecessary work.

So it would be:
regexp(%title%,\(feat.*?\) ,)
You don't have to modify the field TITLE but you can use that expression in the format string in

Alrighty, I'm sorry to be misunderstanding, but here's everything on the table.
Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) (Ape Drums Remix)
Legends (feat. Kalibwoy] (SuddenBeatz Remix)

Dancehall Soldier (feat. Beenie Man) (Ape Drums Remix)
Legends (feat. Kalibwoy] (SuddenBeatz Remix)

To use what you've given me, I've clicked
Actions (Quick)
I've selected "Replace with regular expression"
Chosen the field "TITLE"
I've attempted to enter what you've given me but to no avail. I'm most likely not entering the right part of what you posted, sorry for my confusion.

Through this though, I DID come to something that ends up getting me close!
If I type
(feat.*?) )
My track titles become these:

Dancehall Soldier ((Ape Drums Remix)
Legends ((SuddenBeatz Remix)

Maybe we can work from there?

Please use an action of the type "format value" for the function $regexp()

This was what it looked like when I attempted what you mentioned:

Resulting in this:


Using the Replace instead:

Resulted in this:

BUT the very first one you gave me worked like a charm. Thank you. I only used the second one. This has been a learning experience for me haha

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