Delete comments when changing tags with converter

When using the converter 'File Name -> Tag' and have globally choosen 'Remove comment' at the left side dropdown for all selected songs, no existing comment at all is stripped.

Using other left side dropdowns (e.g. CD no.) seems to work.

I do not think that the converter and the tag-panel work like that.
If you import tag data with the converter, then this is one step.
If you modify data with the tag-panel, then this is another step. You would have to save the modification first before the data in the files is updated.
Any modification that you do not save in the tag panel (before you do anything else) is lost/gets discarded.

Okay. But there is no 'Save' button for the conversions choosen in the left hand panel.

I didn't understand the panel as to only modify one specific file, but to be able to modify all files selected on the right hand side.

Of course I can do it as a 'Quick Action' — RegReplace '.*' by '' (nothing) for the COMMENT field. But that doesn't require the left hand panel at all, and vice versa the panel has no influence whatsoever upon the action performed.

If I'm missing a hidden 'Save' option here, please let me know.

I don't know if it is hidden - it is the blue "disk" button in the tool bar.

You are right: the tag panel is intended to apply the changes as entered in the tag panel to all the selected files - you have to click the "Save" button, though or press Ctrl-S to do the same.

You find a description in the help:

Sorry, I completely missed the button above. Resp. I completely failed to see it as linked to the panel.

Thus — thanks for clearing that topic!