delete custom field in "extended tags"

hi, i am searching for a way to delete my own created fields, when i click with right mouse button and select "extended tags", then "add field...", there are several fields created by me and i want to get rid of them. is there any way? thanks for help

This information is not correct.
The Button "add field..." opens the dialog "Edit tag info".
You cannot see "several fields" in this dialog, but you can create a user defined tag-field.

To delete one entry or more in the "Metadata" listbox do it as always:
Select - Delete


I think he wants to remove entries from the tag field list.

How to remove tag fields from the list:

  • Select a file, click View > :mt_tag: Extended Tags...
  • Click on :mt_new: and select the field name you want to remove
  • Press SHIFT + DEL
  • Now select a different field and enter some value
  • Click OK twice and exit Mp3tag

yes, that was it! thank you dano! and thanks both of you for your time :slight_smile: