Delete doesn't use recycle bin!

According to the instructinos - there are 3 kinds of delete

Del Remove file (without deleting it)
Ctrl + Del Delete file (to Windows Recycle Bin if globally activated)
Ctrl + Shift + Del Delete file (WARNING: the file will be removed from your hard-drive!)

Unfortunately, using the CTRL+DEL or the Mouse Menu (delete) option, BOTH result in the files being removed permanently from the HD!!

I have no idea what you mean by Globally activated btw - the files exist on a local hard drive, so the recycle bin is in play.

Using v2.84a on Windows 7 64 bit.

Se the properties dialogue of the Recycle Bin where you can set whether you want to delete files immediately, set the size of the recycle bin and whether you want to get a dialogue for confirmation.

It's an internal empty recycle bin, on a 3Tb drive
Settings are Windows 7 default:
Remove files immediately is NOT checked and max size is 145Gb
Display delete confirmation dialog is checked.

Every single program I use manages to use this recycle bin quite happily. I'e just tested a couple of others

There appears to be no way to get mp3tag to use the recycle bin!
I'm having to resort to use the "move" command to move the files into a "delete" folder as a safeguard - this is not a great solution though as the file history is lost - i.e. where it was deleted from and time.

Just tried it on W8, 64 bit: I cannot confirm that behaviour. Ctrl-Del removes the file from the file list and the file then can be found in the recycle bin.


There is an issue here, but where the problem lies is uncertain.

I've reloaded my list of files and this time they're going into the recycle bin as expected (I've made no changes to my system whatsoever).

So what has changed?

Well I refreshed the list by pressing F5.

I'm also now working with far fewer files - previously the number was near 5000, now I'm working with 3300.

I can tell the difference as the dialog presented on delete is different - now it's the "recycle bin" alert rather than "permanent delete alert".

perhaps checking the recylce bin properties set it right again ...

The amount of files should not have any influence - you get other errors if you exceed the memory boundaries.

Given that those properties have never been changed, it's more likely my machine was hacked by aliens and this is their way of psych evaluating the human race :wink:

If I had to guess I'd go with the something to do with the SHIFT key - I did test to see if that was sticking at the time (it wasn't), but if for some reason mp3tag was registering it as depressed, then its behaviour was correct.

Since I can't reproduce it currently, I guess the mystery will remain unsolved