Delete files with multiple cover art

hi, i have a large music collection, and i accidently added some cover art to each files several times,
so i have 3-4 images in each file, how can i do a batch job to delete all but 1 of the covers?

You can remove all pictures at once using the action "Remove fields" ...
and remove the field COVER or PICTURE.
Remove cover art using "Actions -> Remove fields" ???


So it seems that it is not possible to keep just 1 picture with a single action.
I would suggest to export all cover files without duplicats named folder.jpg to the file system and then import just the folder.jpg file back again without the option to keep existing cover art.
This should lead to just 1 cover in the files

ok, that sound good, how do i export one of the images to a file called "folder.jpg"?

there is an action for that.
Actually, you export all covers, only that you end up with only one file called folder.jpg. the others have names like folder(1).jpg or folder.jpg.jpg

thanks!, that worked perfectly