Delete folder and content from file system


Sometimes when I load multiple directories in Mp3Tag I see music genres that I do not want. I know I can select the tracks for the genre I do not want and delete them from the file system. However that still leaves the folder and any non-mp3 files on the file system.

Can I configure Mp3Tag to remove the folder and content from the system when deleting the tracks? or can I create an action that would delete the folder and content from the file system?

This would be quicker than having to open the file system and navigate to the folder to delete it.

Thanks in advance.

You could perhaps create a tool that performs such OS functions.

There is no action that could perform such a thing.

Here is a suggestion for a tool that calls a command shell:

Are you sure you would want to blindly delete entire folders without knowing exactly what is in them? Sounds like a recipe for a disaster.

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I know what is in them which is why I want to delete them. Thank you for your concern.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will have a look at that thread.

There is a simple and free Windows program available called Remove Empty Directories (RED) that I use in conjunction with mp3tag regularly. It is very helpful in cases where moving files to a new directory leaves an empty folder or a bunch of them behind.

I would only be more concerned about folders that aren’t empty, and yet deleting them anyhow. RED won’t be of help with these folders. In those few cases where you may be fully aware of the contents, you can go for broke and delete them perhaps with other tools, or manually if there aren’t too many.

For others looking at this thread for reference, be sure that you are fully aware of any folder contents before you use any tools to permanently delete them.