Delete multiple numbers in title field

I would like to delete the expression CTXXX in the title field of files, XXX being a series of 3 digits specific to each file. For example CT121 for file n°1, CT132 for file n°2, etc.
How can I do this ?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for TITLE
Search string: CT\d+
Replace with:
(leave emtpy).

Or if you want to see it with a preveiw:
Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: $regexp(%title%,CT\d+,)

It works perfectly.
Thank you very much.

There is also a series of expression displaying as : LL LLl/dd or LL LLl/d ("L" ou "l" stand for letter and "d" for digit) that I want to delete.
For example : KK IVa/16 or KK IIb/4
I tried to create an action based on the action above but I was unsucessful.
Your help would be appreciated.

I would be a little restrictive in the action of the type "Replace with regular expression" and use
Search string: .. ...\/\d+
Replace with:
(leave empty)
which is: each dot represents a single character, so the dots represent 2 characters and then 3 characters in front of the slash, followed by a number.

Thank you again for this tip that worked perfectly. These two examples will probably help me for other actions ot the same kind.

As a consequence of the deletions I remain with unwanted comas at the end of certain titles or with double space within certain titles ; exemples follow :

Mazurka in B flat major,
Etudes (12), Op. 10, No. 1. Allegro en ut majeur (double space between Op. 10, and No1)

Thank you in advance for your help

It all depends on the search pattern.
If you include the umwanted bits, then they will be remove in one go.
Now I would filter for files with a trailing comma with
%title% MATCHES ,\s*$
and for double-blanks in the title you could use:
%title% HAS " "
(with 2 space characters between the inverted commas).

To remove the spaces use an acton of the type "Replace" for TITLE with
Search string: __
Repalce with: _
where the _ represents a space character

To remove the trailing comma, use an action of the type "Replace with regular expression for TITLE
Search pattern: ,\s*$
Replace with:
(leave empty)

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