Delete Musicbrainz tags. Kodi / XBMC


I'm an mp3tag noob, and have a basic question.....

On my journey to mp3tag I stopped off at Musicbrainz, and tagged some albums, these albums don't show up will in Kodi; usually showing many versions of the same artist / album.

My mp3tagged files may not be 'album' perfect, but they sure do display nicely in Kodi :wink:.

My question is: How do I strip out Musicbrainz tags....kodi seem to prefer these over id3s, and if I edit in mp3tag kodi still likes to read Musicbrainz tags.

Cheers, Geoff

Have you filled the field ALBUMARTIST? This ususally serves as grouping criterion for albums.

In the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) you see all fields of the currently selected files. There, you can easily delete the fields that you think that you don't need them any more.