Delete numbers from start of song titles

First off, I'm getting too old for computers, over 70, I've lost a lot of my record library thanks to Apple music and iTunes, now trying to restore from old hard drives, I now have loads of songs that have a track number at the start of the title that really needs to be deleted.
First how do I get the list of songs across to here, then how do I convert them to not have the number at the start?
Then where should I save them when that's done? Using Applemac

I really don't find any of this easy to take in! Thanks

Were these missing files stored locally, or just in "the cloud" on their streaming service? It would be very unusual for anything to happen to your personal files if they were on a your own hard drive. They may have been moved from the original folder location if you had some organization feature turned on, but it is very unusual if they were actually removed.

Before you start to recover and move older files from backup drives, you may want to double check to see if these are actually somewhere on your current storage location.

Thanks, a lot of the songs are listed as "waiting " in iCloud and have been for over 3 years! Nothing I can do will get them to download. My backup disc with everything got lost/stolen in France about 4 years ago. I ha a couple of older hard drives that had the sam lot backed up, one of those failed to work, another was password protected on X-drive but WD no longer support that type of disc and I no longer have the password. Another hard drive had a copy of most of the original stuff which I've now copied across to my Apple removable disc. there's about 28,000 songs on there! I've lost faith in apple and their music, nothing seems to stop their system from "waiting". I need to re-title som of the tracks which start with numbers then whittle out a lot of the duplicates. Thanks for your help. Stuff is all over the place so I'm copying bits from all my sources to make a new library.

This may be because they are still waiting to upload from your missing drive. If they were never matched or uploaded, then you will not be able to download them. If they were matched, there is some chance to get this to work again. See here for a suggestion.

This is as simple as dragging the folder that has your music into the mp3tag window. It is a little different for Mac than it is for Windows, but this is pretty generic.

If you could share a screenshot with a few filenames for examples, that would help. It depends on if you have a distinct character separating the preceding track number from the rest of the title. And to clarify, do you mean the filename when you refer to the "title", or the embedded metadata TITLE that is one of the metadata fields within the file itself, like ALBUM, ARTIST, etc.?

To be honest I don't know, I can't even remember how to do a screen shot on my applemac. I really struggle with all but the basics.

Hi roythebus,
on the Mac you can male screenshots with cmd+Shift+4 - than you can choose with the mouse the range of the screen or you can make a screenshot from the whole scrren with cmd+Shift+3

But I supose that you have the same problem as I have (sometimes).
That's why I make here a screenshot with "the problem" (as I said, I presume this).

To delete numbers from the start of song titles, you can use a (Quick-)Action Replace with Regular Expression for field TITLE using a regexp


and replace by nothing (empty string).